Click Your Way to Customers: Facebook and Instagram Ads Training

Click Your Way to Customers: Facebook and Instagram Ads Training Course

Ongoing updated training, over $450 in bonuses, 30-day money back guarantee. | taught by Crystal Vilkaitis
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Crystal Vilkaitis
Crystal Vilkaitis
Social Media Teacher, Owner of Crystal Media

About the Instructor

Crystal Vilkaitis is the leading expert on social media in the retail industry. As a social media teacher, speaker and owner of Crystal Media, a company that teaches social media to small businesses, Crystal has worked with thousands of retailers to help them save time, gain confidence and increase local exposure, foot traffic and sales. Thanks to Crystal, retailers have seen results like their highest sales day in their 13-year history, their biggest event in their 12-year history and a 75+% increase in profit from the previous year.

Click Your Way to Customers will walk you through, step-by-step, how to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram Ads

This course will teach you why ads are critical to your success, what ads to use to promote things like new product arrivals, events and sales, what images, copy and videos you should promote and how to track your results.

You’ll also learn things like how to track offline sales from your Facebook and Instagram Ads, from people who came in and bought products after seeing your ad. How powerful is that?!

Not only will you get the entire training course featuring 57 videos totaling 5.5 hours, you’ll also get access to fresh training as Facebook and Instagram Ads make changes or release new features. Because social media changes so quickly, we couldn’t leave you hanging after you’re done with the course. We’ll keep teaching you what you need to know so you can stay on top of changes and ahead of your competition.

You must promote your business on social media, there’s no doubt about it. But using the right ads to support goals, to ensure you’re not wasting money and that you know how to track results, is the ultimate recipe for success.

This course was made for retailers who want to pull people into their store.

If you want to connect with someone just a mile away, we’ll show you how. If you want to find an entirely new group of people to promote to and build a relationship with, we’ll show you how. If you want to build your email list, website traffic and local exposure, we’ll show you how….all using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Whether you’re new to Facebook and Instagram Ads, or you’ve run ads before, the course will give you specific actions to support your goals. You’ll also find several success stories from small and large retailers on how they significantly increased store traffic and sales using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Within the course, we’ll show you how to access ads, the right ad types to support your goals, how to set up ads from start to finish, how to create an audience, an inside look of the targeting available, what an ad should look like to stand out and create action and how to track results.

Plus, you’ll get these bonuses valuing $485:

The Facebook Page Checklist and the Instagram Profile Checklist. These will help ensure your pages are set up for success since you'll be getting more exposure with your ads.

The Customer Profile Worksheet. This will help you identify who your perfect customer groups are, what kind of content to share with them and which of their interests to target with ads.

The Campaign Objectives and Example of Ads This gives you a deeper look into Facebook Ads and how different ad types can boost your results.

The Social Media Success Formula Training and Worksheet. You'll learn seven strategies to help make your social media efforts more successful.

Click Your Way to Customers: Facebook and Instagram Training course is perfect for retailers and small businesses who:

  • Have never run ads before and need a starting point as well as training to take their efforts further after they feel confident with the ads platform.
  • Feel lost when it comes to ads. There are A LOT of options within Facebook, this course will teach you which ads to use when.
  • Need to know how much to spend on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Use the Facebook Ads Calculator found in this training to help guide your budget, and optimize your spend.
  • Are running ads, but want to see better results. Results like more people in the store. More people on your website. More email addresses. More awareness of your business. More engagement with the posts you publish.
  • Are willing to implement what they learn. You’ll build from your own experiences, but you must act and implement what you learn.
  • Are willing to spend money on Facebook and/or Instagram, even just $1/day.

Here’s a reminder of what you get (a full outline of the course is below, keep scrolling!):

  • Step-by-step training videos with progress tracking, helping to keep you organized and accountable.
  • Education on why ads are important, what ads to use to support goals, how much to spend, how to optimize, how to track performance.
  • Insight on new tools and tracking capabilities, like being able to see if someone came into your business and purchased after they saw your ad.
  • The confidence of running your own ad campaigns.
  • Worksheets and checklists to optimize your Facebook page and Instagram profile, and how to make your content stand out whether posting organically (for free) or through ads.
  • Ongoing updates! This is a big one – we’ll post updated videos when things change or new features are added. This is an ongoing training course, to keep you up to date and ahead of competition.
  • The best tools to use to design awesome ads.
  • $480 worth of free bonuses.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in this course. We offer a 30-day refund period for purchases. Click here to read the refund policy.

Course Contents

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